Laura Jasinski: The Charles River, Dirty Water No More

In this episode–the 1st in a mini-series titled “New Life for America’s Big City Rivers”–we discover The Charles River of Boston & Cambridge through conversation with Laura Jasinski, executive director of The Charles River Conservancy.  

Laura Jasinski, Executive Director, The Charles River Conservancy

Water quality and the health of The Charles River was on a long downward spiral for hundreds of years beginning with Boston’s founding in the 1600’s. In 1995, the Environmental Protection Agency launched the Clean Charles River Initiative  setting a goal to make the Charles fishable and swimmable again.  We’ll learn about dramatic improvements in the health of the river system over the last 25 years as well as explore the many challenges that lie ahead, including climate change. 

The Charles River Conservancy strives to make the Charles River and its parks a well-maintained network of natural urban places that invite and engage all in their use and stewardship. Their work includes an array of active programs and projects such as creating floating wetlands, a future swim park, and restoring urban wild.

Our episode highlights Laura’s passion and vision for creating parks and open spaces in her community. For additional information and to support Laura’s work, visit The Charles River Conservancy. 

All rivers have stories that ripple. 

I’m Dave Koehler.  Be well, and do good work.