Sinjin Eberle: Giving Voice to American Rivers

In this episode of RiverSpeak Podcast, we hear from Sinjin Eberle, Communications Director of American Rivers.   

Sinjin grew up running rivers in Colorado and the Southwest.  We’ll learn about the San Juan River and the important role it’s played in shaping his passion for giving voice to rivers.  We’ll follow Sinjin’s career path to American Rivers and have front row seats into making films that tell the compelling story of protecting our rivers.  

Sinjin Eberle, Communications Director,
American Rivers, Photo by Forest Woodward

We’ll also get a view of what’s on the horizon for river conservation as a new Biden-Harris White House Administration begins to take shape.  The episode includes a deep dive into some of the issues facing the Colorado River, and the importance of the outdoors during the Pandemic.  

We conclude with Sinjin joining a recent river ecology survey in the Grand Canyon and his thoughts on how we can all engage in local efforts to save our special places.  

 For additional information about Sinjin’s work, visit American Rivers.  Be sure to check out one of their most recent films, Water Flows Together— “For time immemorial, the Diné (Navajo) have considered the San Juan River sacred.” The film is told from the perspective of Colleen Cooley, and explores the ways in which her upbringing and her native identity have shaped the way she interacts with the world. “The film is a meditation on the challenges Colleen and her community have faced, the unique relationship she has with the San Juan River, and the unique opportunities her role as a river guide affords as she seeks to create positive change.”

We’re excited to bring Sinjin Eberle’s story to you, thanks for listening. 

All rivers have stories that ripple. 

I’m Dave Koehler.  Be well, and do good work.