Ed Roberson: Arkansas River in Colorado

Ed Roberson, Conservation Director Palmer Land Trust, Creator and Host of Mountain & Prairie podcast. Photo by Russ Schnitzer

In this episode, we hear from Ed Roberson, Conservation Director with Palmer Land Trust and the Creator and Host of Mountain & Prairie podcast. 

Through Ed’s story we discover the Arkansas River in Colorado.  As you’ll hear in his voice, Ed loves the American West. We’ll learn how a high school kid from North Carolina got connected to the Arkansas River and the evolution of his career into conservation work. 

Along the way, we’ll explore the Arkansas River and gain insight into the tangled web of land and water in Colorado’s Front Range of the Rockies. We’ll also discover an important conservation approach Ed is leading to develop a system of protecting water and valuable farmland in the Lower Arkansas Valley by exchanging key parcels in less fertile areas. 

Our episode concludes with Ed sharing his passion around creating the Mountain & Praire podcast and experiences in the American West with his family.

For additional information about Ed’s work to preserve farms and ranches, visit Palmer Land Trust. And go to Mountain & Prairie podcast to listen and subscribe to Ed’s wonderful podcast series on the American West.  

We’re excited to bring Ed Roberson’s story to you, thanks for listening. 

All rivers have stories that ripple. 

I’m Dave Koehler.  Be well, and do good work.