Sara Press: Russian and Gualala Rivers

Photo: Russian River Estuary at Jenner Headlands by Stephen Joseph, courtesy of Sonoma Land Trust

RiverSpeak Podcast makes its debut with the story of Sara Press, land acquisition program manager of Sonoma Land Trust. Through Sara, we’ll discover the Russian and Gualala Rivers and learn about their vital importance to communities of the region. We’ll also hear about a key project to help protect water, the scarce life-giving resource threatened by patterns of misuse and a changing climate. 

Photo of Sara Press
Sara Press standing near Loch Trool in southwest Scotland

Sara’s story and her interest in land and water got started early in life on the Northern California Coast. We’ll hear how those early experiences of her youth developed into a passion for geography and then evolved into her career in land and water conservation.  Along the way, we’ll learn about the Russian and Gualala River Watersheds, and a partnership of focused priorities for conservation. Sara’s story includes sharing what she learned by being part of a project team that made an assessment of water assets Sonoma Land Trust holds in their land portfolio and then published a guidebook so that others can more easily protect water resources for our rivers. 

We’re excited to share Sara’s story with you. To learn more about her work and to download a copy of Evaluating and Protecting Environmental Water Assets: A Guide for Land Conservation Practitioners, go to Sonoma Land Trust